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    Shaar Olami

    "Shaar Olami" (Global Gate) is Israeli customs next generation computerized system, aims to improve the level of service in customs and provide rapid transit of goods to and from the State of Israel.


    Today, the system is in the Beta stage and is expected to be completely operational in August 2017. Following the entry system into action will be a number of changes in work procedures with Customs such as:


     Paperwork scanned and digital-signed original documents will not be transferred. Each document will be scanned into the system. The importer will have the ability to grant power of attorney to carry out procedures with customs by filling an online form.


    Online importer affidavit, data vendors and extended release documents transferred in digital form - via email, digitally signed by the importer.


    Import documents - the importer will have to keep the original documents for seven years, when the customs agent will keep the documents for three days from customs clearance.


    Working with smart card - to perform operations with Customs, including filling out and submitting online forms and files, importers are required to use a smart card made by Comsign / personal ID.


    For better work with the system we offer you cloud archiving service for documents digitally signed.


    We will be happy to meet with you and update about the new system and the system archive- LOGBOX

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